All the President’s Men. Revised

On June 17, 2017 MSNBC will air All the President’s Men Revised, a documentary narrated by Robert Reford, who started, along with Dustin Hoffman, as the real life Washington Post reporters Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein, in the movie, All the President’s Men.

The movie is based on the book by the same title, laying out for us the events that led to President Nixon’s resignation.

It all started with the botched up burglary at the DNC headquarters at the Washington D.C. hotel, the Watergate.

If you have not seen the movie, I recommend it.  Better yet, if you have not read the book, read it.  Watch the documentary, too.

You might get a sense why so many reporters of a certain age; those who grew up around the 1974 scandal decided to become journalist.

Many of these journalist will gladly tell you that the Watergate scandal was the fuel propelling their pursuit of a journalism career.

Since Watergate many scandals have hit the White House occupant.  Some of those scandal had the “gate” attached to it.  But not this Russian thing.  Not this current mess.  You have not seen a headline about the Russian Gate.

There are a few, very intelligent, very clear thinking, very non-partisan individuals who say this Russian mess is bigger than Watergate.

For the record, I agree.

This scandal will destroy careers.  Some people close to the President will go to jail.  Read about the aftermath of Nixon’s resignation.  See how many ended up in jail, while Nixon was home watching TV.

But it will also make careers.  Many of the journalists will become shinning stars.  With book deals.  Movie deals.  Expensive speaking engagements.

Don’t expect a “Woodward and Bernstein” type of character to emerge, simply because there are too many wolves chasing the same herd.  In this metaphor the wolves are the journalists, and the herd are those sycophants stuck in Trump’s rectum.

The wolf metaphor applies to journalists’ ferocity in their pursuit of the truth, and not to those other qualities we have given wolves.  I hope publishers and editors know the difference as they walk in these neck high muddy waters.

The movie touches on this point.  Publishers are woken up at midnight, in order to get their permission to publish some new, damaging piece of information.   In-house lawyers give their opinion about the possibility of legal retribution by Nixon.  All behind closed door activities that we can imagine are happening how as well, but we don’t really know, although we do get some hints of it.

So, watch the movie if you have not.  Get a little historical perspective.  Don’t let anybody fool you.  We are living in the middle of meteor size shit storm.




Donald Trump Pardons Charles Manson

January 19, 2021

Washington D.C

President Trump during  his last day  in office has signed a presidential pardon for Charles Manson.

“I love signing executive orders,”he said, to the standing room only in the Oval Office.
When asked a question from a reporter, who sneaked into the signing ceremony, by pretending to be a member of the Charles Manson club, he ordered the Secret Service to remove her from the White House grounds.
“Get her finger prints and add them to the Reporter Ban Super Cloud Computer,”<he shouted to the agents as they removed her from the Oval Office.  And all the real members of the club jeered and applauded.
As you may remember, a few weeks before the 2108 election, the Republican congress and President Trump passed the Crooked Media Act, banning unauthorized reporters from the White House, Air Force One or any government building, and prohibiting any government employee from talking to any member of the press, or to any living person, including family member,  who does not believe President Trump is the step child of Zeus.
Sean Spicer, who has signed an endorsement contract with Old Spicer for their new head shaving cream, now that he as lost all his hair, due to the weight bore by his conscience, after being forced to lie to the American public day in and day out.

His hairs, instead of turning white decided that they just did not want to be brushed over, to keep on covering patches and holes on his head.
After  Mr. Spicer signed the contract, he told his  wife. “Look, honey, all the lies paid off.  Only athletes get this much money for endorsements.”
Mr. Spice addressed the two remaining news organization allowed in the White House, letting them know that we will learn more about the executive pardons via the President’s tweets.
“The President  will be tweeting in five minutes,” Mr. Spicer said.  “The tweets speak for themselves.”

President Trump sent out his first tweet while Mr. Spicer was still talking to Fox News and Brietbart, whose reporters reside in the White House, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year , since the Crooked Media Act passed Congress.
Unbeknownst to the American public, the bill also authorized  the remodeling of two White House guest rooms, to be converted into plush penthouses for these two prestigious news outlets.
Ex-Russian super models attend to all the needs of the male-only White House reporters. The accommodations  have come with a price tag  for the reporters.    There has been a high number of divorces among the White House reporters pool.
“We don’t like going home,” one Breitbart reported said, asking that we do not reveal his name.

“You know the Donald does not like leaks,”he said.  “Our over weight wives can’t compete with skinny Russian models.  We love it here.”

The first tweet  from the President was followed by a tweet storm.  It started late in the afternoon and continued till 3 a.m, when the President finally fell asleep.  One of his chamber maids came in tucked him and wiped his lips with a Ivanka Signature Line Tissue,  manufactured in China, by one of Kim Jong-un’s second cousins, who defected to China  two years ago.

Here is a short account of some of the tweets the FCC has allowed us to print:
The First Tweet: “He is a great, great guy. Very Strong. Very POPULAR”

Second: “He loves and RESPECTS women.  Just like me.”
Third: “Look at all the women who want to marry him.”
There were too many tweets to write them all here, please Follow @theDonald, and  @CharlieM, to read all of them.
Let me summarize the 950 tweets the President’s sent out in the next few sentences:

  • Charlie, he is a Closer.
  • He can persuade anybody to do anything.
  • I could use a guy like that my School, my REAL Estate Deals.
  •  He would have been Great, just Great when I talked to Kim Jong-un   They are kindred spirits.  We all are.

And the final tweet before he fell asleep:

  • Charlie deserves to be free in the World.  Doing what he does best.